Product Information

Over 6 Years of Expertise in precast wall manufacturing

we are leading manufacturer and supplier of Readymade Precast Compound Wall system. we offer our products good quality and nominal price in the market, We are very familiar with the challenges of creating high-quality, cost-effective Readymade compound wall.

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Product Specification

Vertical concrete post as well as horizontal slabs is caste using prestress technology with designed concrete mix to achieve maximum durability and strength.

Using vibrating machine it is vibrated. Pslabs and column come out is created in chlorinated water for required amount of time. (Minimum 14 days)

Slab :

Size : 6 x 1 feet

Thickness 2 inches

Post :

size : 6 x 6 inches

Height : 5 feet to 8 feet

precast wall installaion

precast wall installaion

post should be  450 x 450 mm wide 2ft depth hole in the ground. The hole should be filled with the mixture of cement, gravels, brick pieces, water and sand. The distance between two post should be 6 feet and slab is fitted.